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Deep-Fried, Bacon-Wrapped, Garlic-Stuffed Olives
Partical Projection Cannon
Sinful Shiitake Soup

Pics of B-man at work removing a colony of bees
Durango Bash Pics - June 8 to June 12, 2004

Deep-Fried, Bacon-Wrapped, Garlic-Stuffed Olives

Different....even tho they kinda look

First thing you need to do is get some garlic stuffed olives. They can be found at the bigger stores, don't expect to find these in Mom and Pop type store. They are pricy also.

Next get your favorite type of bacon and some toothpicks (round type). Wrap the uncooked bacon-strip around the olive, then skewer with toothpick, so both ends of the bacon are secured. (I do the jar(s) worth before attemping to fry.)

Get the oil right up to frying range. Put the bacon-wrapped olives in a few at a time, try not to drop them in near each other or they will stick together. Bacon will not be done in these area sometimes...if too many clump up together.

Fry them puppies for about 5 mins. or till they pop to the surface of oil. Fish them out and set on paper towel lined plate to drain and cool. (If frying a turkey you can do these first for a snack while you waiting on the bird to finish up.)

The frying realy changes the flavors of the whole combo. It's salt, tang taste is mildly favored by garlic.

When I made for first time there was reluctance on families part to try....and am I ever thankful that two jars worth were done up. There were only 11 of them left out of the 62-75 that had been cooked that Thanksgiving....and only 11 of us. Lol

Give them a shot, you might have a new fav also...

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

B-man Rick and family

Partical Projection Cannon

4 shots of grain alcohol
1 shot of cut (your choice...Tekilla, whiskey, peppermeint schnapps, rice wine....have to look the others up.)

Mix and add one ice cube.
Put in any glass, except a strofoam cup...(they tend to melt with this drink...LOL)
Toss down in one swallow.
Wait for 2 hours before min.

Melted a few cups....B-Man

Sinful Shiitake Soup

Just tried this recipe for Mushroom soup the other rocks big time...

1&1/2 lbs of Shiitake mushrooms
1/2 onion
3 Tbsp of butter
2-3 Tbsp flour
2-3 cups chicken broth
1 cup milk (or half n half...if you like it richer.)
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
1/4 tsp nutmeg (optional) (I didn't use any)

Dice mushrooms after removing stems, (too woody to eat), dice onion and cook in butter for 5 mins. or till onions are clear. Mix in flour thoroughly and then add chicken broth. Heat mix till it thickens, then reduce the heat and add milk and seasonings. Warm thoroughly and serve. Makes 6-8 servings.

The stems can be used for adding mushroom flavor to any soup or broth you are making. Just add before cooking and take out before adding other items to the mixture.


Pictures from the Bash

Durango Bash - June 8 to June 12, 2004 - Part 1

Hi all,

Here is my report of the Bash this year. I would like to say it was great to meet you all. We all had a blast, a real fun time. Sorry about not having posted sooner. This is first real chance I've had to type it out. SA ('nuff said Bill?)

Our trip started early on Saturday. The wife and I packed the rental van the night before. Tried for a 6 am start, but was on the road by 9:30 that morning instead.

Hopping on Rt 24, we headed for Ft Wayne, Indiana. There I-69 led us I-70 at Indy. Indiana had a lot of road kill on their highways. I counted a even dozen whitetails laying by the roadside. This was one way folks...

There were a lot of tractors and planters going out in the fields. Everybody and his brother were trying to get the crops in through this late window. This area had been hit by heavy rains for most of the spring. (Glad I've got mine all in...)

Next was Illinois, it was a straight shot thru with very few towns or cities. Just lots of speed traps. We made good time though.

Then St Louis. Due to miscommunications, I missed our exit and went thru downtown area instead. Doing so took us right past the Arch, Julie got a picture of it as we drove past. Soon the city lay behind and we were moving across Missouri.

Though the plan was for us to go to Carlsbad caverns, a change was made and rerouted for a straight shot to Colorado. Late in the day a motel stop was called for, so we stopped for the night. (Sound of page being flipped)

The next day after a hour on the road, the Evil empire was in sight. (Cue the Imperial theme from Star Wars.) Yes, Kansas City was in sight. Beeing the rebels we are, we raced thru the area. We didn't want ol' helmet-head to sense a disturbance in the 'Q forks...when smuggling a load of Cashman's...<BG> (Whoops......wrong class....this is meant for creative comp. class.)

Kansas city whipped by and down I-70. Everyone agreed to check out the OZ museum in Wamego, Kansas. Arriving in town it was discovered that lunch would be first. As OZ wouldn't open up for a hour yet. The diner on the other side of the street proved to be a great stop. Great food and service there.

Back across the street the museum finally opened up. Inside the small building was a good exhibit of Mr. Baums works. There were some off the wall exhibits but not many. A large number of costumes and props from the movie are on display. No pictures allowed) After a few selections in the gift shop, we emerged into the sunlight after 2 hours in OZ. It was a kinda a let a way.

I couldn't resist looking over at Julie as the small town fell behind and remark,....Dang it, Toto, We're back in Kansas....We all laughed and joked for miles afterwards.

To bee continued....


Durango Bash - Part 2

Welcome back,

Sorry about the break in the story yesterday. Straw hauler requested load and I made a few $$$ on the farm account.

We left Wamego, KS in high spirits. The OZ museum is a gem in a field of wheat. (You do raise a lot of it out there, Chez. <g>) With many first editions of Baum's books. Other props from movie such as Lollypop, Dorothy receives, part of the winkey guard suit, and others too numerous to mention. If out that way I would check it out again! It's that good.

Back on I-70, we headed west. Man, many hours later (70 SL) we reached Burlington (SP) Colorado. Found a decent motel to stop at. Best overnight spot yet! Planned the next days activities, found out that all prospecting research was missing. I figured that I had left at home...But, Nooooo...It was lost. My fault as was in my door pocket when we left.

At 6:00 the office woke us for the day. On the road by 7 am and looking for a good breakfast and good old Rt 24. Breakfast we found by looking for a semi filled parking lot. Those old boys know the best spots...That don't cost a arm and leg, either! (Thanks, Grampa) After a while of beeing called "Hon" and "Darlin'" by a pair of sweet older ladies. We left satisfied and I grabbed a few travel ads for the area.

Back on 70 heading for Colorado Springs. Found the exit for 24. As the miles flew by. I was stuck by the blue sky above. Then ahead out of the high plains appeared Pike's peak. Been 26 years but that one I remember. Snow still clung to it's upper reaches in spots.

We reached and got through C. Springs and headed for a small mining town that my parents and I had visited 26 years ago. This town was a jewel in the rough, then. It was a mining town in the middle of a claim, that has pulled 11.2 Billion $$$ in gold, out of the ground in a 24 mile square area. Mostly at $20. a ounce no less! (And they've only gotten 20% of it in the area, so far!!!) On the dirt streets you could walk along and kick at the ground and turn up turquoise stones of gem quality. They used fine mine tailings to build up the streets.

There were several museums devoted to the history of the town and mining. Other small shops and attractions also. I and my brother found our first flakes of gold in a stream by the boot hill there. (here's a story in that, but that's for another time, boys and girls.)

That's was what I wanted to show the family. I had heard that there might be some changes...Boy was I ever surprised...and not good way either.

1. All the roads are paved. 2. There are 11 casinos in a town of about 2500 (at most) people. 3. All the little attractions are gone. I was sickened by what Cripple creek has become.

The only thing that is the same is the Mollie Kathleen Gold mine. This place is the shinning gem in a....(Well, I can't say it, this is a family board after all.) <BEG>

The mine is the currently oldest operating gold mine in the area. On the tour you go down a 1000 ft below the surface of the mountain. The group we were in had 11 people in it + the guide.

Mike our guide was very knowledgeable in the area of mining. The tour covered many aspects of hard rock mining. In many spots mannequin's were used in displays. In one spot one of the figures jumped out at us. Many in the party jumped and screamed when this happened. I laughed at the man. It was one of the guides that had come down with us. Mike commented to us as we got out of the tram car, "We use a lot of mannequin's and I bet you thought he was one. But, you SAW a dummy anyway!" After the laughter died down we were led to a locked cage.

Inside, Mike explained, were gold ores and nuggets as he undid the lock. He herded us inside and locked the cage door behind him. All told the value of the specimens were excess of $350,000. Most were small enough to easily put in one's pocket. A man's fist sized hunk of black ore is worth over 20 grand, and it doesn't look like gold at all!!! Dead black no glitter or gleam. Mike then started handing out thumb sized hunks of gold ore from the mine as we headed for the exit.. (Mine really shows the gold and other minerals very well....Right Dave????)

I kinda hung back and talked with Mike as he locked the other door of the cage. We talked of a few of the famous nuggets and asked him a few ??? (No, I wasn't trying to help myself...but it's a thought....that I reject.)

Once back on top Mike and I chatted for a while. He suggested that we go over the mountain (6 miles) and visit the town of Victor. It is still a mining town and will never have a casino in it. (They've seen what happened to C.Creek.) So we stopped over there and I got to show the girls what a real mining town looks like. Dirt streets and all the old equipment around...There is even a overlook to the open pit gold mine on top of the mountain. (I would have pictures of these items, but for Homer S. moment...Lens cap Baaadd...)

After exploring the small town, we herded out the canyon creek road to the south. This was the path the stagecoaches took back and forth to Victor. It was a wild ride and is one heck of a view. (Yes, I do have shots from here on...) The scenery is spectacular and the drive is long, but well worth it.

After this we headed down I-25 to Walsenburg were a room was procured for the night.

To bee continued...

SleepyB-man (Ya I worken last night.)

Durango Bash - Part 3

Welcome back.

Today we need to be in Durango for check in at the house. Couple hours drive later we had gone over the mountains and entered Durango. It took most of the time because of construction. We spotted Durango at 3:30 pm. We made a quick pass through town looking for the house. After back-tracking a mile or so, we found Tall Spruce House.

Got out of the van and went to check on the situation. The front door opened and Leanne stepped out. She asked, "What kind of Fool are you?" I told her, "I am the B-man."

We unloaded the van and chose a room. Just about the time we had everything settled in; David showed up in his truck. Just about the time David unfinished packing; CJV and his wife Bev showed up. We were all waiting for Mare and Biscuitburner to show up. After a round of introductions we settled on the front deck talking and enjoying an adult beverage. Someone had mentioned that they were getting a little hungry, so I decided to grill up the bratwurst that I had brought from home.

David and I fired up the grill. Soon the little charcoal grill was up to temp. Only 12 brats would fit in the grill at a time. This was inconvenient as I had brought 15 lbs of brats. And they all needed to be cooked.

Soon the brats were done. I told everyone about the fact that they are from a 150 year old recipe from Germany. The plate cleared quickly and the next batch had just been put on. Mare and BB chose this time to show up. We had all been wondering just moments before where they were.

When they came in, introductions were made all around the table. The family and I were at the back of the room. Mare and BB made it back and greeted up warmly. They also declared they were starving. We rushed the brats so they could have a bite to eat. Most everyone sat down and talked around the table. I kept cooking brats and joining in when possible.

We opened one of the bottles of wine after I had finished cooking. Black raspberry was the flavor of the night. Everyone who tried it seemed to enjoy it. Everyone agreed to call it a night.

Day 5

Bright and early came the knock at the door, "Train time." Soon we were at the station waiting to board the train. By we I mean- Mare, BB, the family, and myself. We are all going on the same train.

The train left the station on time and rode the rails up to Silverton. The trip up took about 4 hours since we had trouble with the train. The scenery was fantastic. The train ride went over some spectacular areas. I did have a young man talking to me most of the trip. (age 8-12 maybe) After a far too short stop in Silverton, we had to board the train for the return trip.

Arriving at the station David was there to greet us. Everyone else was there waiting at the restaurant where they had made reservations. It was a Mexican restaurant called Gaspaco's. After a good meal, we all headed back to the house for the night. Once there, wine and talk around the kitchen table. Plans were made and finalized for the next couple days. We talked for a couple hours before going to bed.

Day 6

The group split and went in many directions today. Reservations were made for us at the melodrama: "Under the Gaslight".

CJV started his jambalaya. He held back seven chicken legs for the grill. After a short shopping trip in town. I tried to get them finished before the melodrama that night at 7:30.

We made it to the show that night. The host warmed the crowd up and taught us what was expected of us. A salute to the service men in the room. Our group was announced as being there to the embarrassment of my daughters. After we had responded to the announcement, the host remarked "See what alcohol will do to you." That got big laughs. After this warm up, the show started.

The show was very well done. The actresses and actors worked their butts off and it showed. After the show a vaudeville (sp?) review was also put on. We left after having a lot of laughter and fun. Back at the house it was again wine and small talk around the table. I finished off grilling the chicken and we all turned in for the night.

Day 7

Some more of the group went on the train today. We spent the day relaxing, planning, and packing the van. David drove up to Silverton to see if he could catch up with CJV and Bev. A little light shopping was done by a some.

Later that night when everyone had returned, we all gathered to listen to a tape Mare had. Everyone had a good laugh listening to Jeff Foxworthy. After that many jokes and stories were exchanged by the group. All too soon the time had slipped by. I announced we'd be leaving early in the morning as we couldn't stay for checkout. Goodbyes were exchanged as the group broke up for the night.

Day 8

Woke up at 5:30 am. We were on the road and through town with the sunrise. Traffic was light and the ol' miles flew bye. We tried to stop by the town named after Miz Wiley kinfolk. She must have called them, they had the road blocked. Probably told them how bad I was. <BG> So we found a different way and traveled around the area. After the long drive through CO and KS we stopped for the night in Abilene. After a quick bite to eat we prepared for the next day.

Day 9

Got up and hit the road at 6:30 this morning. The traffic was heavy as we crossed KS, IL, and IN. We took short pit stops and ate meals on the run. We reached home just as twilight was fading to dark. Everyone helped cleaned the van before we sought our own beds for the night.

(Typed by Michelle, Dad's too slow.)

Well that's all folks!!!


Well I made the front page of the local paper.

(Stop looking at me like that, it's not like I've gotten a ticket 'fer barkin' my tires. Right Bill????)

Sunday afternoon got a call from the local P.D. Seems they had a call about a swarm of bees land in a tree downtown and they needed my help. (I could tell that the dispatcher was...overly concerned about the matter. She calmed down when I said that it would bee taken care of.)

Went to the site and collected a very nice size swarm, about 6-8 lbs worth of bees total. Nice thing was they were near enough to the ground to bee shaken off their perch into the swarm box without a ladder. It took 10- 15 mins tops to do the deed.

They now reside in one of my hives. I marched them in yesterday and found the queen. Made sure to get her in there, so they will stay.

Bee friends,


Right after the swarm has been shaken off into the box.

Checking to see if the queen has gone into the swarm-box along with the rest of the bees.

Just before I left to return to the farm.

OK, those pics don't exactly do justice to what B-man was dealing with that day, but the pics he sent me are HUGE!! I'm gonna link to the "Right after the swarm has been shaken off into the box." pic in its original size...Load at your own risk!! ;-)

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